About Small Fan Workshop

The purpose of this association is to contribute to the development of Japan’s industry and economy in the field related to the next generation of small fans and cooling technology through mutual exchange of members.



Our project

The association will conduct the following activities to achieve the following objectives.

(1)   Collection and transmission of technology, research and development, legal and regulatory information related to small fans

(2)   Implementation of various events such as technology seminars, lectures and facility tours related to small fans

(3)   Implementation and support of research, research, publication, etc. related to small fans

(4)   Creation of technical papers and reports related to small fans

(5) Development of draft standards related to small fans, review of existing standards, and establishment support

(6) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of the association



This association consists of companies and individual members who has interested of small fan.

Main member
Gaku MinorikawaRepresentative director、Professor of Hosei University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering、ECMA-275 TG1 Convener
Ikuo KimizukaECMA-275 Vice Chairman, TG1 Member
Masaharu MiyaharaDeveloper of Small Fan
Toshiaki NakayamaDeveloper of Small Fan testing device(Secretariat of General)



Terms and Agreements

If you have interested, please contact the secretariat.


Recruitment of members and sponsors

We are currently recruiting.

Please contact the secretariat for details.