What is small fan

Small fan is generally incorporated into devices as part of information devices such as personal computers and projectors, home appliances, and automobile parts, small fan often used as cooling fans.

Small fan is defined by ISO 10302, and it refers to small fan with an airflow about 0.6m3 / min to 60m3 / min. Also, small fan with air volume of 0.9m3/min or less, it is called micro fan.

On the other hand, small fan and micro fan have small performance, absolute values of noise, and vibration. For the reason, these conventional methods cannot cope with them.

In recent years, fans that produce high static pressure of tens of thousands of rpm and 1 kPa or more, despite the size of micro fans, are becoming popular in fields such as server cooling.

However, it is difficult to measurement with the measurement standards based on low pressure and large air volume.

Therefore, it is urgent need to standardize a new measurement method for fans that have performances that are not expected by conventional standards.